Tantec is hosting a webinar on December 1, 10.00 am (CDT) about Leak detection of micro pinholes

Tantec LeakTEC system
LeakTEC is a powerful electronic tool for non-destructive leak detection of non-conductive single layer materials.

The Tantec LeakTEC systems are designed to use high voltage for the detection of holes in a given part. If a hole is present the LeakTEC system will send a signal to reject the part.

This fully automatic test is capable of detecting pin holes les than 3 microns (3 microns is 0.003 millimeters!) by introducing an electrical potential between a detecting electrode and an electrical ground, (i.e. metal jig or mandrel holding the part) while the plastic part itself acts as the insulator.

Tantec has over 40 years of experience in leak detection.

30 minutes 

“With high-voltage testing, we can detect very small micro-holes in parts. We are effective down to about two microns. High voltage is accurate for even smaller holes, and that is more than adequate to satisfy the test requirements for our current applications.”
Shawn Krenke, CTO and Senior Vice President of the Automation at MGS